Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A good day

Oh it finally happened 7 weeks into Term 1 and we had a tantrum free day! Hallelujah! It took a LOT of patience, some bribery rewards, persistence with one of my Poppets and our amazing maintenance guy helping me out (yes that is a bit of sucking up but he has made my week)

This is what happened:
*wonderful maintenance man resprayed the dots we use to line up after I begged asked again and he also put them in a different place, so by lunch time we had a new line! The kiddos lined up perfectly after a promise of 10 minutes free time (the bribery)- no pushing, shoving, clinging to the handrail near where we used to line up, clinging to trees or hiding under the bush. Woo-hoo!
*The kiddos actually remembered what they could do when they were finished today when I used "Now I am finished cards" after I had some inspiration from Inspired by Kindergarten (used this as a rough template and made my own to suit my poppets)
*Used the same cards printed 2 to a page for Poppet 1 and made him a task board. I velcro'd all of the cards and he had to choose 2 things that he wanted to do and I gave him two things he had to do. Repeat for each block of the day. Put all that together with the visual timer and it worked miracles- he actually completed everything today! With pictures and colouring! And no tantrums :)

*I've had another Poppet coming to school crying every day for the last couple of weeks and it has been horrible because she has progressed so much with everything else. Last week I started sending her home with a 'diary' and a stack of 'The Bears' stickers. Poppet has made me a picture every day in her diary, using the bear stickers to show how she is feeling and no tears in the morning! Yay! There were tears after 9am today because I was on release and not in the room but it was all an improvement. Click on the pic to go to St Luke's Innovative resources if you're interested in the stickers. They also have The Bears cards with the same emotions which I have used a lot in the junior rooms- little kids can pick a picture to show you how they are feeling. It also helps shy kids talk about their feelings because they can describe how they are feeling through the bear they have chosen.
Wishing you a great day & week too!

x Bec

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