Thursday, 10 January 2013

Back to School

I've been a busy bee this week, fancy-ing up a few of the worksheets I have made so I could have them ready for my TpT store. I have finished my "Getting to Know you" pack with lots of activities for the first week back.

So these are only screen shots (sorry I couldn't figure how to get the whole page in one pic- if you do know please.... help!). I have made two versions- one with Australian/UK spelling and the other with US spelling, for the words 'favourite/favorite' and 'color/colour'. Hope this is helpful and not just me being pedantic.

I have also finished my 'Days of the Week' pack with 6 activities I have used with my Preps and 1's to help them remember the days of the week.

I have also had time to do alot of some shopping for new supplies for my classroom. I will post the pics soon. Got some bargains! Thanks to Shanyn from Coffee, Kids and Complusive Lists for her post about the files at Woolworths. Not one of the 4 stores in town had them  :( but they did have some super cute and handy pencil buckets which I'll use for the kiddos. Show you soon.

x Bec

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